Italian recipes and kitchen secrets

Original Italian recipes to cook and interesting facts about the Italian cuisine

We love Italy and Italian cuisine - and not only we: Italian cuisine is known and famous all over the world. Together with you, we take a look behind the scenes of Italian culinary art. This is where the real cooking takes place, where the best tomatoes and a handful of other good ingredients are turned into great things.  We will also reveal the secrets of Italian cuisine and take you on a culinary taste experience across Italy.

From classics like pasta and pizza to traditional dishes like arancini di riso or Sardinian ravioli - dive into the diverse and delicious world of taste and surprise your friends and family with the original Italian classics.

All recipes and kitchen secrets

Tomato risotto

Recipe video step-by-step: Risotto with buffalo mozzarella, tomato rice, olives and basil. - garnished with Parmesan.

Basil gnocchi

Recipe video: „Gnocchi di basilico“ in a delicate tomato-ricotta sauce – refined with cream and Parmesan.


Recipe video: „Bruschetta al pomodoro“ – the antipasti classic with white bread, tomato and basil.

Myth Bolognese

This kitchen secret reveals why it is not Bolognese, but Ragù, which ingredients are in it and why there are never served spaghetti.

Homemade gnocchi

Make your own gnocchi from potatoes - With this simple basic recipe you can make your own gnocchi di patate with confidence! Cook Italian now!

Recipe videos

In our recipe videos we show you step-by-step how to prepare a really delicious, original Italian recipe.