What do we offer?

ORO di Parma offers the perfect base for original Italian cooking. 100% sun-ripened tomatoes guarantee the optimal enjoyment. ORO di Parma products can be consumed directly; however, we recommend refining our products individually with spices for a perfect Italian cooking experience.

Are all the Tomatoes in our products from Parma?

All our products are produced in the Parma region. Instead of using tomatoes from other countries, our raw products are all from the growing area around Parma.

Why do you add citric acid in your products?

From our farmers in Parma we know that in the past few years sweeter tomato sorts are more likely planted while sharp tomato sorts disappear. The sweeter tomato sorts do not have the right amount of acidity. However, a certain degree of acidity is important to keep the product stable to promise a safe food. Therefore, it becomes more and more important to add a small amount of citric acid to our products. The citric acid is not an integral part of or recipes but we can not rule out that citric acid is used in small amounts. We do not use gen techniques in the production of citric acid and we can tell that the citric acid can not be tasted in your product.

Why is there salt in the ORO products?

Salt supports the flavor of the tomatoes. That is why we add salt to our chopped and strained tomatoes. The added salt concentration almost corresponds to the natural salt concentration of tomatoes.

Where can I find / buy an ORO di Parma product, which is unavailable in my area?

We love to help finding the product you are looking for. Just fill out the contact form and tell us your city, area code and of course, the product you are looking for.

How long can I keep the products after opening?

The quality of our products is a key characteristic. Please keep in mind that there are several factors influencing the storage life of our products. We recommend filling the products into a closable box and keeping it in the fridge. There far we recommend consuming the rest within a few days.

Still got any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.