Strained Tomatoes

Unadulterated and indispensable for Italian cuisine: ORO di Parma strained tomatoes. They contain the full enjoyment of Italy, because our ORO di Parma tomatoes ripen 100% under the Italian sun. They are carefully selected and gently processed into tomato passata.

Strained tomatoes - also called Passata di pomodoro - are the perfect base for your original Italian cuisine! Peeled and finely strained - pure or refined with Italian herbs - strained tomatoes are ideal for soup, sauces or pizzas.

Passierte Tomaten, Knoblauch, Basilikum, Holzlöffel

Italian recipes with strained tomatoes

Unadulterated and indispensable for Italian cuisine are finely strained tomatoes and passata - pure or refined. Especially for sauces, soups, risotto or pizza, strained tomatoes can be used perfectly. Let yourself be inspired by our recipes.