Strained tomatoes with herbs from ORO di Parma in a 425ml can.

Strained tomatoes with herbs

With fine herbs for real connoisseurs

Tomato paste with herbs from ORO di Parma contains fine basil and oregano - typical herbs of Italian cuisine. In combination with the sun-ripened tomatoes from the Parma region, this creates the basis for the real taste of the Italian way of life. 

Ideal for: Sauces, soups and pizza


Naturally lactose-free

Naturally gluten-free

100% tomatoes from the Parma region

100% recyclable packaging

Passierte Tomaten, Kräuter (Basilikum, Oregano), Zucker, Salz, natürliche Kräuter-Aromen, natürliches Aroma. 

425ml Dose

Energy 153 kJ / 36 kcal
Fat <0,5g
of which: saturates <0,1g
Carbohydrate 5,3g
of which: sugars 5,3g
Protein 1,4g
Salt 0,60g