Tomato Paste

The full power of the tomato is in the ORO di Parma tomato paste - or to put it another way: tomato paste is the essence of the tomato. The tomato paste is made from ripe, sun-kissed tomatoes from the Parma region.

Due to the intense tomato flavor, it is suitable for versatile Italian dishes. In addition to the pure variety, ORO di Parma offers other finely flavored varieties. Whether spicy, with basil, seasoned vegetables or garlic - there is something for every taste!

Tomatenmark in einer Holzschüssel und auf einem Holzlöffel

Italian recipes with tomato paste

Tomato paste is versatile and an indispensable ingredient in Italian cuisine! With its intensely fruity tomato aroma and silky texture, tomato paste is particularly suitable for refining and thickening sauces - but tomato paste is also frequently used for meat and fish dishes. Consequently, there are no limits to the possible uses.