Hot chopped tomatoes from ORO di Parma in a 425ml can.

Chopped tomatoes hot

Adds spiciness to food

Our chopped, hot tomato pieces contain real pieces of bell pepper, in addition to tomatoes from Parma. Thanks to their hint of spiciness, they are a piquant ingredient for your Italian cuisine.

Ideal for: Sauces, soups, pizza and bruschetta


Naturally lactose-free

Naturally gluten-free

100% tomatoes from the Parma region

100% recyclable packaging

No added sugar. Naturally contains sugar

Tomato pieces, pepper pieces (1%), salt, paprika, natural paprika flavor.


Energy 103 kJ / 25 kcal
Fat <0,5g
of which: saturates <0,1g
Carbohydrate 3,0g
of which: sugars 3,0g
Protein 1,1g
Salt 0,60g