Chopped tomatoes with herbs from ORO di Parma in a 425ml can.

Chopped tomatoes with herbs

The Italian classic – refined with love

ORO di Parma chopped tomatoes with herbs, contain typical herbs of the real Italian cuisine. With an elegantly-composed blend of basil, thyme and oregano, your recipes are given an aromatic hint of Italian spices right from the start.

Ideal for: Sauces, soups, pizza and bruschetta


Naturally lactose-free

Naturally gluten-free

100% tomatoes from the Parma region

100% recyclable packaging

Tomato pieces, herbs (basil, thyme, oregano), sugar, salt, natural herbal flavor, natural flavor.


Energy 116 kJ / 28 kcal
Fat <0,5g
of which: saturates <0,1g
Carbohydrate 3,5g
of which: sugars 3,5g
Protein 1,3g
Salt 0,80g